he grasped
he gripped
he squeezed
he snatched
he nabbed
he held up his hands
he lifted his hands
he threw his hands in the air
he spread his hands
his hands
his hands flapped
he waved
he beckoned
he clapped
he fidgeted
he jerked his thumb towards…
he gave her the finger
he gave her the thumbs up
he rubbed his hands together
he placed his hands to his hips
he buried his hands into his pockets
he ran his hands through his hair
he played with his hair
he intertwined his fingers over his lap
he tapped his fingers
he drummed his fingers

he shook a fist
he pointed a finger
he stabbed his finger
he navigated his finger
he slammed a fist

he squinted
he bared his teeth
he narrowed his eyes
he lifted his chin
he winked
he crinkled his nose
he parted his lips
he raised his eyebrows
he blew out his cheeks
he looked away
he covered his face

he shrugged
he gave a half shrug
he lifted his shoulder in a half shrug
he curled his shoulders back
his shoulders tightened
his shoulders hardened
his shoulders stiffened
his shoulders sagged
he lowered his shoulders
his shoulders hunched
he hunched
he slouched

he pulled away
he jerked away
hE turned away
he stood up
he rose up
he jumped
he tensed

he stepped away
he stepped closer
he drew nearer
he leaned closer
he leaned forward
he shifted to the side
he shifted from one foot to the other

he pumped a fist into the air
he punched the air