Ashen, Ashy, Atomic, Blazing, Bleached, blinding, Blotchy, bright, Brilliant, Dark, Dazzling, Deep, Dim, Dirty, Drab, Dreary, Dull, Earthy, Electric, Faded, Faint, Festive, Flattering, Frosty, Glistening, Glittering, Glossy, Glwoing, Harsh, Hazy, Hot – Heated, Icy, Illuminating, Intense, Loud, Luminous, Lustrous, Majestic, Mellow, Monochromatic, Muddy, Murky, Muted,  Natural, Opaque, Pale, Pastel, Patchy, Pearly, Pure, Radiant, Reflective, Rich, Royal, Rustic, Shaded, Sheer, Shining, Streaked, Stained, Striking, Strong, Subtle, Swirling, Vibrant, Vivid, Warm, Washed-out, Wild.

Verbs to add

Appear, Attract, Balance, Bathe, Blazed, Blotch, Brighten, Brush, Burn,
Captivate, Clash, Colour (color), Combine, Compliment, Conflict, Contrast, Coordinate, Darken, Draw, Decorate, Dot, Draw, Embellish,
Fade, Flash, Fleck, Glare, Glaze, Gleam, Glimmer Glint, Glisten, Glow, Highten, Highlight, Hue, Illuminate, Infuse, Intensify, Light, Lighten, Match, Merge, Mix, Outline, Overlap, Paint, Plaster, Radiate, Saturate, Shade, Shine,  Splash, Spray, Tinge, Tint, Varnish, Wash