Silver blue

Skyline silver

teardrop silver

Opaque green

Window clear

Mobs of flies rising up into the air

As silver as a diamond flame

As smooth as glass

Silver in the bright light of the afternoon sun

Mirroring the sky

Trees casting shadow across the shore line

Watery mirror

Pungent with the fragrance of jasmine

Mirroring the sky

Without motion

Without a ripple

Vodka clear

Glimmering in the callow light of dawn

Water bubbling up and passing over smooth white stones

Soft rustling water

A brilliant blue sky slashed above

Bounded by an avenue of silver trees

Numerous flakes of gold

Tentacles of an occasional warm breeze

Soft whispering of trees

Distorted and ruffled water

Flies patrolling the water’s edge

Ringed with hills – mountains – trees – shrubs