his eyes widened

his eyes rounded

his eyes glinted

his eyes flashed

his eyes shifted

his eyes rolled

his eyes narrowed

his eyes blinked

his eyes closed

his eyes opened

his eyes hardened

his eyelids drooped

his eyes burned with…

his eyes sparkled with…

his eyes flickered with…

his eyes welled with….

his eyes overflowed with….

he squinted

he blinked

he gazed

he noticed

he noted

he peeked

he scanned

he spied

he spotted

his brows knitted

his eyebrows drew together

his eyebrows snapped together

his brows lifted

his brows arched

his brows jumped

his brows crouched

his brows slanted

his brows came together

his brows pinched

his brows tightened

his brows knitted

his brows collapsed

his forehead creased

his forehead forrowed

his forehead puckered


his nose crinkled

his nose creased

his nose wrinkled

his nose jerked

his nose twisted

his nose wheezed

he sniffled

he sniffed

he snorted

he inhaled


he smiled

he smirked

he beamed

he grinned

he sneered

he pouted

a disarming smile

a brief smile

a weak smile

a distracting smile

a hint of a smile   slapped a smile on his face

his mouth curved into a smile

the corners of his mouth lifted

a smile slid across his face

his mouth twitched

his smile faded

he bit his lip

he raised his upper lip

his lips stretched towards his ears

he twisted his lips to the side

his lips quivered – his bottom lip quivered

his lips trembled

his lips thinned

his mouth fell open

he bared his teeth

he ground his jaw

he snarled

his chin quivered

his chin wobbled

his chin trambled

his chin jutted

his chin lifted

his chin lowered

his chin gestured


he extended his neck

he craned his neck

his neck lengthened

his neck pivoted

his neck swivelled

he twisted his neck

his head dipped

his head bowed – he bowed his head

his head jerked

he cocked his head

he tilted his head

he turned his head

his head whipped

he rotated his head

his head wobbled

he paled

he went white

his cheeks blushed

his cheeks pinkened

his face bloomed

his face brightened

his face drooped

his face crumbled

his face hardened

he winced

he grimaced

he twitched