High arched windows

Velvet drapes that frame the window

Tall windows allowing light to flood the room

Crumbling rock wall on the outside

A set of sagging wooden steps

A low-rent neighbourhood with dirty streets

Stands on a slight rise

spindly metal framed bunk beds and a bookshelf pushed against the wall

A poster wet and torn in each corner from an overuse of blu-tack

Narrow windows in straight rows

Dust lay over every surface

A large central hallway serving the main avenue of traffic

A hallway that flows towards a large, wide staircase

A hearth is set with dark patterned tiles of Eastlake designs

A large mirror over the mantel

Polychromatic paint schemes complementing the wallpaper

white stoned dwelling built into the mountainside

Cradled amongst beauty of the mountainside

A line of trees and shrubs grew in a curve

Gleaming modern multifunction appliances



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