Working with Steff has been a tremendous experience. She works more like a book GP, leaving comments in the actual manuscript, and providing a full page of in depth feedback that focuses on all areas that need improvement.

Author Ellen Lake

I submitted my YA fantasy to Flavourbooks thinking that something wasn’t right but not being able to put my finger on it. Flavourbook’s comments were really insightful and has helped me discover that missing something to make it a better book. Now the relationship between the characters have vastly improved and I’ve finally added enough exposition so that readers will understand what I’m trying to say. cheers!

Jess Dillon

Steff is absolutely wonderful! She has given me so much good information and feedback and kept me on track!! She is an absolute gem! Would highly recommend.

Shayla Stevens

I recently tried Steff’s beta reading service for the first time and was very impressed. Her feedback was specific, detailed, and thorough and just what I needed to bring my novel up to the next level. She told me when she would begin and finish and stuck to that timeline, even going above and beyond the job description. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be back for my next book!

Petra J Spina

“100% recommend this one for beta reading purposes. Steff has been fantastic, and her feedback is spot on!”

– Josh Baldwin

I was dissapointed because Steff past her promised deadline by almost two weeks, without giving me a reason, but she still kept in touch while I waited, so I guess that’s a plus. On delivery, I couldn’t open any of the files she sent me, so we had to copy and paste the entire thing on the email canvas. Again, not impressed. That aside, her work is fantastic, and truely went above and beyond, and gave me a discount for messing up. Woohoo!”

Jana Fay