Carpeted floors, tiled floors, white walls

A window

Fluorescent lighting

a bookshelf with medical books

A table with a computer, a printer, a fax machine, and referral pads, a pencil holder with pens, eraser, whiteout, highlighters, a box of tissues, a jar of lollipops, a telephone

A small cabinet filled with medication set between 4 and 25 degrees Celsius

A stethoscope either around his neck or on the desk

A travel bag in case he is called to an emergency. Bag is locked, and must be occupied at all time. Kept under the desk beside feet.

A small table on wheels, chrome, with a plastic or metal kidney dish, cotton, bandaids, alchole wipes, and vast array of colourful plastic and glass tubes used to draw blood: yellow – green – light blue – navy blue – purple – red – pink – light pink and light blue for babies and Specimen Containers (urine/faeces) and swabs of different colours and length

needle disposal container

A shelf with a random medical book and plastic sculptures of the human body, brain, ear, vagina, penis, baby in womb

a bed with a curtain for patient privacy

an electrocardiograph machine

latex and non latex gloves

a vision test poster on the wall decorated with small letters

rubish bins and bio waste containers

a sink with alcohol hand sanitizer and paper towels to dry hands

A small machine called a Glucometer including appropriate strips and lancets – may be kept in a small black pouch

Tongue depressors, preferably encased in plastic

What he might have in draws and out of sight

  • Sphygmomanometer and infrared thermometer – sphygmomanometers should have calibration date stickers.
  • Reflex hammer
  • Small torch
  • Face masks

Outside his room

a waiting room filled with patients staring nervously at the wall or the TV mounted to the wall

Patients caughing, sniffing, babies crying and their mothers trying to sooth them

A coffee table stacked with month/year old magazines

a pot plant in the corner

An array of medical brochures attached to the wall on a stand

a rounded or straight reception desk manned by one or more receptionist, behind them is a fax machine, in front of them a computer or two and a telephone, and containers filled with specimens waiting for the courier to pick them up

Folder filled with paper work

Nurses and other doctors making their way from room to room