Teenagers greeting each other at the entrance gates
Teenagers punching each other playfully on the arm
Teenagers staring down at their phones, sorting their cyber affairs before first class
The country flag flying high, drawing eyes to its vivid colours
Bustling corridors
Wide grins and arms swaying as friends begin to arrive
Quiet hushing as the teacher enters the classroom
Pastels and fine charcoal pencils in the art room
Newcomers looking lost
A path zigzagging through a grassy courtyard
Cold metal lockers mounted against each side of the corridor, decorated with air slits
Vinyl desks meant for one
Wooden benches that have faded from many seasons under the sun
Teenagers sitting cross legged on the tiled floors with their backpacks used for back support
A cafeteria run by a chef who loves to overuse bleach
The smell of pencil led
A cacophony of loud chatter
Voices raised to be heard over one another
A principal who patrols the halls wearing his standard greeting smile
Shoes squeaking as they shuffle along the scuffed floor
A bell or buzzer marking the end to a period
A drone of a teacher’s voice during a lesson and muffled echoes through the halls
Administrative staff being heard over the loudspeaker
Boys with mops of brown hair
A solar system of acne on foreheads
Cheeks dotted with acne
Doors slamming
Brightly coloured posters
A pin up board decorated with newsletters and school events
A janitor pushing a mop bucket across the floor, wearing a far away look
A teacher floating through the hallways holding a mug of coffee
A sound like pssshhh as a soda can is being opened
A teenager pressing himself against a wall to avoid being spotted by a bully
The roar of lunch period
White walls darkened with hand prints and scuff marks
A teacher marching his line of students from one room to another