A woody wonderland

Botanic wonderland

Leafy paradise

Trees are the castles of the wood

Earthy sent drifting towards your nostrils

The ground is crispy under your feet

Sun sinking down beneath the top of the pines

Vanishing skies under a spreading canopy of green

The drone of insects humming

Fallen branches, twigs and leaves

Natures garden

Light filtering through the top branches

The shadows of trees creeping down on you

Shadows paint the forest floor

Squirrels scurry and scamper up and down tree trunks

Forest floor covered in brown needles

Trees thinning

Dirt path which yawns wide towards the open clearing

Ominous sounds

Matted under growth

Towering glaucous pines

Beckoning you into it’s pulsing heart

Moss-veiled trail

Drumming woodpeckers

Wind wailing between trunks

A minty smell

Tree’s waving at you