A never ending golden stretch of sand
A golden blanket of sand
Sun drenched
Sand still damp from the retreating tide
The flaring hues of the sun
Waves lapping pebbles
Sun speckled water
Gentle kisses from the ocean breeze
Sand shifting under feet
A blanket of broken shells, crushed beer cans and cigarette butts
The scent of salty air
Snaking rivulets of water onto the shore
Seaweed caressing the soft sand
Colourful umbrellas dotted along the seashore
Glistening sand
The sun smiling down on you
Gentle sea breeze rustles through hair
Children crowding in small patches on the sand
Waves ending in lacy foam
A golden blanket outlining the silver sea
A breeze sending a woman’s hair to cross her face
The sand is a minefield of corals and rocks and jellyfish
A lighthouse standing tall on the rocky shore
A lighthouse with sun streaming into the windows
Seagulls taking claim to the skies
The sea spray splattering the pebbles