The killer mistakes his target for someone else

A parent or guardian murders a child because the child requires too much finances/attention or care taking.

A geek attends his high school reunion and kills the formal popular cheerleader who made fun of him some during highschool

A drug deal gone bad

A parent kills a teacher who was abusing his child

The killer is sexually arroused when murdering women or men

A husband/boyfriend Wife/girlfriend murders after suspecting infidelity

A Caregiver gives the an elderly patient a heavy sleeping pill so she slips quietly away in the night

The murderer kills his mistress because she is pregnant and he doesn’t want his wife to find out

A spouse wants out of the marriage but he doesn’t want to pay alimony

A wife or husband is murdered so the spouse can claim life insurance

A drunk man or woman hits a pedestrian but doesn’t stop

The murderer kills his parents or grandparents in order to receive his inheritance

A home invasion has gone too far, and the murderer killed to protect himself, or his family.