I have over six years of beta reading experience, and more than fifteen years of fiction and non-fiction writing. I do my homework and I know the do’s and don’ts required to make a successful, modern fiction piece.

To help me do my job effectively, I will read your work twice.

Once as a reader
This will help me critique your novel as a whole, and I’ll be able to spot plot holes, lack of emotion, well flowing and realistic dialog, and compelling characters. I’ll have a notepad by my side to bookmark each problem I see.

I will read it once more as I write your report.

In-line comments inserted into the manuscript regarding: story arc, characterization, plot, pace, tone, clarity, structure and if you’ve adequately ‘hooked’ the reader.

A short report of ideas and suggestions on how to improve weak spots. I don’t just highlight issues, but offer specific examples and solutions.

I will be honest and specific (meaning I won’t just say, “I love it,” or, “It needs work.”)

I will go into as much detail as possible.

I will praise you for the things I believe you’ve done well.

I will be brutal, but not negative (I’m an author too, remember).

I will respect any and all guidelines given to me.

I will check my agenda at the door before I get to work, (so if you’ve got a story about a woman who violates personal views on feminism, that is none of my business).

I will do my best to identify your vision and be respectful of it.

Last of all, I am really awesome and pleasant to talk to, so I think you’l enjoy working with me. I will not accept bulling behaviour of any kind (from the author, not the novel).

I will deliver my organised note list and extra necessary comments inside of a word, .doc, or .docx format.

unlimited revisions. I’ll be happy to keep in contact with you right until your book has been published.

$1 US – 1,000 words
(So if you have a novelette at 20,000 words, that would be $20. If you have a full novel at 68,000 words, that would make $68, etc.)


(1) A deposit of $20 USD is required and a free sample will be returned (up to 1,000 words) $20 will be reduced from your overall fee.

(2) Please click the PayPal button to proceed with the deposit. Then fill out the contact form. Once I have received your email and payment I will reply ASAP and request the first 1,000 words of your manuscript. I will then complete your sample within 1-2 days.

(3) I will have your full manuscript ready in 3-6 days and will request payment before I deliver your work.


Will you edit my manuscript?
No. This is a beta-reader gig only. I will go through each line of text and mark what I believe will benefit from a change, point out gramerical mistakes, etc. I will then give you feedback on your book as a whole.

Can I trust you with my novel?
Yes, I will not keep your file on my laptop after I’m done with it. It won’t be shared with others. I take the privacy of my clients very seriously.

What genres do you prefer?
I love reading a variety of books, including, horror, romance, thriller, comedy, novels that are based anywhere in the world. I have a good sense of humour and enjoy the standard American humour, dark humour, Aussie and English humour.

Do you accept non-fiction?
I would rather you not send me ‘how to’ subjects, or cookbooks as I don’t think I can provide much input, however, I absolutely love personal biographies, and would feel honoured to read yours.

How many beta readers do I need?
I suggest 2. Compare notes and if both beta readers have suggested the same things more or less, concider those changes as a priority.

When is the right time for a beta reader?
I suggest during your final self-revision stages, almost right at the point you’re ready to publish or self-publish. It’s easy to get ahead of oneself and hire a beta reader whilst still on your first draft, but a first draft is really just sand in a sandbox at this stage.

Do you offer beta reading swaps instead of money?
I used to, however I don’t have the time to do so now, and I am no longer willing to put in the time and effort in return for something that may incomplete. Also, I can’t fold up a swap, put it inside of an envelope and use it to pay my electricity bill.

Things I look for when reading your book